Col. Pimpisa Jitkaewtae, President of Thai Army Wives Association, along withher team went to the Headquarter of 1st Army Area to visit members of Thai Army Wives Association, 1st Army Area Branch.


-On the 11th of August 2021, Col. Pimpisa Jitkaewtae, President of Thai Army Wives Association, along withher team went to the Headquarter of 1st Army Area to visit members of Thai Army Wives Association, 1st Army Area Branch. In addition, Col. Pimpisa would like to mitigate the impact of Covid 19 on families of military personnel within the unit as well as the local community nearby and families of those military instructors who have been quarantined with new recruits for three consecutive months. As a result, she had assigned members of Wives Association of the 1st Army Area Branch to deliver ready-to-eat food boxes, hygienic masks, and alcohol spray to those people.

Date : 11 Aug 2564

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