The History of Thai Army Wives Association

Thai Army Wives Association was firstly established as Thai Army Wives Club since 1966 in order to support the work of the soldiers as well as to help their family in part time occupation and other benefits. On 29 August 1987 the club was registered as Thai Army Wives Association by Countess Saengduen Na Nakorn, the wife of General Serm Na Nakorn, the commander of the Army. She was the first President of the association of that time.

Countess Saengduen Na Nakorn

General Serm Na Nakorn

On 3 August 1989 it was most grateful for Your Majesty’s boundless and gracious kindness as Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali accepts to be the patroness of the Association. Thus in remembrance of Her kindness as the gracious history the members of the Army wives consider the 3 August of every year as the date of establishment of the Association.

The office of the Thai Army Wives Association was firstly a one floor building, located at Thai Army Club (Tevet) Sri Ayuddhaya Road, Subdistrict of Wachira, District of Dusit, Bangkok 10300. In 2011 The Army by General Prayut Chanocha, the commander, approved to build the new office of the Association in Thai Army Club area Vipavadee Road, Subdistrict of Samsaennai, District of Payathai, Bangkok 10400 in order to have more area to support the activities of the members of the Association including to have the office for the committee and the shop for selling the products of the members both from the central and provincial parts.

Today Thai Army Wives Association is appointed to be an organization or Charity organization no. 745 according to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance. Thus the donor can get the bill for tax reduction too.