Care Project of Special needed Children


Responsible Department : Thai Army Wives Association


     1. To help the children in need of the soldiers’ family with suitable and continuous way.

     2. To give ways of practice precisely in long term use for the relative department in taking care of the family which has special needed children.


     1.Special needed Child has better quality of life by observing the changing in body and mind.

     2. The evaluation of the family who has special need in the process of the involved person, is 80 % in the level of good and very good.

     3. The result of the annual work process achieves more than 80%.

     4. The involved person in taking care the special needed child coordinates the way of practice continuously.

     5. Database of the special needed children always is up to date.


     1. Army Medical Department is the main Supervisor in evaluation according to the project of semiannual and annual indicator.

     2. Report the evaluation to the involved department.


     1. Special needed Children are taken care in suitable and continuous way.

     2. Special needed Children has better quality of life.

     3. The soldier and family has less tension in taking care of special needed children.

     4. The soldier has better will power and morale.