Product Development and Part Time Career/Reducing liabilities, reducing expense and increasing income Project



Responsible Department : Thai Army Wives Association with the Army


       1. The soldier and the family has part time career to increase the income for the family.

       2. To create the attitude of utilizing free time.

       3. To develop the product of the members in having the quality to the demand of the market.

       4. To have internal systematic management in the department in long term period of time in the product as well as in the market.


       1. The volunteer soldier and the family has part time career not less than 70%.

       2. The soldier and the family volunteer to participate the project more and more.

       3. The products of the members and the family are approved or achieved the rewards from the government and the private section.

       4. Having internal systematic management in the products as well as in the market.


       1. The army wives club reports the data of the project with presenting the plan and important activities to develop the products. The branch of Thai army wives association collects and sends to Thai army wives association once a year within October each year.

       2. Thai Army Wives Association sends the committee to visit and evaluate the progress of the project in the 1-4 army area once a year to collect the data and problems and to report to the president.

       3. Thai Army Wives Association organizes the annual meeting and bring the success of the internal army wives group in order to learn and convey to other wives groups which would be the important base to learn the process from each other between Thai Army wives groups.


       1. Army wives and family utilize free time together to build warm atmosphere as well as the income for the family.

       2. Army wives members who participate the project have the love and unity which build more strength to the wives group.

       3. The army has good morale and encouragement in doing his duty.

    4. The community in the army unit has more strength and can be the model for other communities which brings the positive side for the army.