Environment Management Project



Responsible Department : Thai Army Wives Association with the Army


         1. To make the army and the family being conscious to separate the garbage and preserve the environment.

         2. In order to manage the environment in the army unit and the community in the right way and not making the pollution.

         3. In order to create the cooperation and strength in the army community.

         4. In order to encourage the army community to be the center of various knowledge to expand the effect to other communities around the army unit.


         1. The army and the family in the community participate the activity no less than 70%.

         2. The amount of the garbage in the army unit and the community decreases.

         3. The army and the community has clean area and no pollution.

         4. The garbage bank within the unit and the community is organized in all army units.

         5. The army and the family who participate in the project have high satisfaction.

         6. The communities around the army unit participate the activity increasingly.