Child Development Center Project


 Responsible Department : Thai Army Wives Association with the Army


       1. In order that the pre-school child of the army is taken care in the right hygienic practice and is developed perfectly in physical, emotional, social and intellectual aspect according to each child ability.

         2. To encourage the child to have discipline, moral, ethics and express himself in good manner.

         3. To help the army in educating the child and for his benefits.

         4. To have suitable and qualitative management in the army unit.

         5. To encourage the army to be the center of the community and of the society.


         1. The army and the family in the community trust the child development center and send the pre-school child not less than 70% of all pre-school children.

         2. The children in the child development center have development and ready for all aspects as the whole. They can help themselves according to their ages. They can be with others happily and behave as good members in the society.

         3. The child development center is developed and passed the standard of the child center according to Thai Army Wives Association requirements. (basic standard)

         4. The army and the parents satisfy and trust the Child development center in higher level.

         5. The community around the camp and the people participate the activities through the child development center more and more.


         1. The child development center in the army unit reports the status data of the child development center (the location, the building, the number of the children, the child army, the teachers and the workers, the activities of teaching, the supporting from the army and from others organization) and presents the plan of the project and important activities to level up the standard of the child development center by which Thai Army Wives Association, branch direct to the army collect and send the report to Thai Army Wives Association once a year within October of each year.

         2. Thai Army Wives Association appoints the committee to visit and evaluate the operation of the child development center in the first army area once a year and to collect the progress of the work the problem occurred to report to the president of Thai Army Wives Association.

         3. Thai Army Wives Association organizes the annual meeting and learns from other child development centers to make the important standard of learning of each other between child development center within the army unit.


         1. The child of the army and the family who live within the army unit is taken care suitably and has good development and ready to further study in the childhood.

         2. The army has good morale in operating his duty.

         3. The child development center in the army unit is developed and level up the standard in the close criteria.

         4. The army and the community of the army creates the benefits and the satisfaction to the people and the community around the camp which expresses the positive image of the army.